The Wilmette Institute, Growing in Learners, Growing in Courses

Have you ever wondered how many fellow learners you have in the Wilmette Institute? Taking an on-line course can be a bit lonely, even with your interesting fellow learners and your ever-helpful faculty. The growth of the Wilmette Institute during the past five years is illuminating. The number of learners has more than doubled during the last five Gregorian years, as have the number of courses:

Year       Learners    Courses
2009           367                16
2010           630                23
2011           813                24
2012           874                29
2013           992                34

For the administrators and faculty of the Wilmette Institute, a goal is within reach: 1,000 learners is just around the corner. We hope you will help us win that goal—and soon. Indeed, our learners have many, many fellow learners all over the globe.