Thinking about Relationships and Marriage? Check Out a New Anytime Course

24-7-365 logoWhy Anytime Courses, available 24/7/365? Matters dealing with the heart—dating, relationships, parental consent, and marriage—and needing guidance do not wait for a course on such topics to cycle around in the courses offered by the Wilmette Institute. Hence, the Institute’s Marriage and Family Department is creating courses that are ready and available when you need them, 365 days a year. The most recent Anytime Course is called Thinking of Relationships and Marriage?

If you are excited or uncertain about a relationship, or if you are wondering if you should get married at all, this new course is for you. You can take the course alone, or you can take it with a possible significant other, or even with a group of friends all pondering the same questions. Most important, you can explore the course at your own pace. You will have a faculty-mentor that you can call on—or not. It’s up to you. Here is what you will be studying:

  • Building a friendship
  • Assessing character
  • Understanding male-female relationships
  • Being of service together

Your end goal will be to put yourself in a position to make “significant decisions about courtship and the broader horizon of marriage.”

The course examines the early stages of a relationship. If your relationship moves on to courtship and preparation for marriage, you will want to consider two additional Anytime Courses:

Are We Ready for Marriage? Deepening Our Courtship
Engaging in Parental Consent for Marriage

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