Transformative Leadership: Panel Discussion

Sunday, February 2, 2020

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Transformative Leadership is an approach to leadership that serves as a framework for personal and social transformation. It is especially useful for those concerned with social justice, involved in projects or programs of social action, or who participate in the discourse of society. More broadly, anyone who participates in a family, team, or organization and wishes to better the quality of its interactions will find it helpful.


Image © Jessica Kerr

Since its development by Nur University in Santa Cruz Bolivia, 25 years ago, Transformative Leadership has been used in approximately 60 projects or workshops in more than 30 countries, demonstrating its applicability in different cultures, professions, and age groups. Based on the fundamental premise that all can exercise leadership, without the need of having a formal position of authority, Transformative Leadership is founded on a conceptual framework with the following elements.

●Service-Oriented Leadership
● Personal and Social Transformation
● The Investigation and Application of Truth
● A Conviction of the Essential Nobility of the Human Being
● Transcendence
● The Development of Capabilities

In this panel discussion facilitated by Nicola Daniels, Wilmette Institute Registrar, we will share examples of how people apply Transformative Leadership in their lives, its impact, and some of the fundamental concepts. On February 13, the Wilmette Institute will launch a 6-week online course that will delve much more deeply into these and other fundamental aspects of Transformative Leadership.

Joan HernandezJoan Hernandez is co-author of the book Transformative Leadership, as well as the author of many other books related to education and leadership. She has given dozens of workshops related to Transformative Leadership and its capabilities in numerous countries in four continents of the world. She especially enjoys working with educators.

Vahid Masrour

Myleen Hollero Photography, CC-BY.

Vahid Masrour was the coordinator of a 2-year project for youth in Bolivia, focused on Transformative Leadership and nine of its capabilities. He also incorporated the concepts of Transformative Leadership in a program of vocational training. Approximately 1000 youth participated in these two programs. More recently, in the US he has facilitated an online study group of Transformative Leadership.

Jessica KerrJessica Kerr is dedicated to sharing Transformative Leadership with youth. She has integrated Transformative Leadership into the activities of her Junior Youth group and, in coordination with a Northern Colorado school, gives weekly seminars on Transformative Leadership to dozens of middle and high school students, combining the contents with photography and art.

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