Two Courses Stimulate Local Study of Sustainability

Sustaining Eleven Billion People: Challenges for an Ever-Advancing Civilization (2019)
Faculty: Paul Hanley
Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind (2011)
Arthur Lyon Dahl, Christine Muller, Laurent Mesbah

Sylvia Aston of Auckland, New Zealand, took the Wilmette Institute’s courses on Sustaining Eleven Billion People, and Sustainable Development, and found many benefits from group study. She also reported plans to share insights with the public.

Sylvia Aston“The group of us who took Sustaining Eleven Billion People together numbered seven, including two who were from the community of interest. One of our seekers is attending a Ruhi Book 1 and teaching her grandson virtue type attitudes. The other attendee is taking her two daughters to Bahá’í children’s classes and they are enjoying them.

The course on Sustainable Development had introduced me to the ideas of Michael Karlberg, author of The Paradox of Protest in a Culture of Contest and Beyond The Culture Of Contest – From Adversarialism To Mutualism In An Age Of Interdependence.”

Editors’ Note: Sylvia had written in her Personal Learning Plan: “I plan to hold an ongoing workshop starting in May at my local Bahá’í center, and work through some of the learnings from the course with my friends. Interspersed with the study materials I plan to do some tree planting and help other environmental groups with their working bees.” After the course ended, Sylvia revealed additional plans inspired by the course (read on).

“Four of us from our group are going to run a local course at the beginning of October, calling it “Community led solutions for a sustainable future” based on Paul Hanley’s book Eleven. The group seemed to think that that title for a workshop had a more personal appeal.  Time will tell.  Should we get some people interested in October, then they can join in with the monthly meetings. This is an ideal topic and material to introduce the wider community to the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh. Auckland has just declared a “Climate emergency” so it is very topical and ideal for our comfortable middle class areas.

All up, the course and book were a very good way of introducing the teaching of Bahá’ulláh and the framework of the new world order to the general public, and so many different topics of conversation come up.  Thank you.”

“I think that going through the material with a group of seven or more other people tripled my learning from the course. Warmest wishes from us in New Zealand.”

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