Two Films about the Life of Muhammad

The forum for the Wilmette Institute course Islam for Deepening and Dialogue mentioned the 1976 film The Message, which explores the life of the Prophet Muhammad and early events in Islam. It can be accessed on YouTube at The film does not show Muhammad Himself (that would detract from the spirituality of His message) or members of His family. The events of early Islam are shown through experiences of Muhammad’s earliest believers.

Earl Cameron, a Baha’i actor from the U.K., plays the King of Abyssinia (where Muhammad was exiled) in a touching scene about religious diversity. You can read more about Cameron in a 2005 article published in One Country at

Another film for children and youth about the same topic is the 2001 animated film called Muhammad: The Last Prophet ( In it loving parents explain to a cheerful and happy child how the teachings of Islam are realized in everyday life. The voicing of the film is very good and will help viewers with the pronunciation of Arabic words and phrases. Women of all ages are featured.

You may find yourself comparing and contrasting scenes from the early history of Islam in Muhammad: The Last Prophet with those in The Message.

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