United Consultation, New ebbf Publication Available on Amazon (Soon on Kindle)

United Consultation, by Don Plunkett, a former Wilmette Institute student, is the latest publication of the European Bahá’í Business Forum (ebbf). It is now available on Amazon and will soon be produced in a Kindle version.

The publication explores a topic about which management circles are increasingly talking: empowering employees and developing participative models of management. United Consultation provides a fresh look at both participative management and consultation in the workplace.

You can now download the new publication or send it as a gift. It will soon be available in Kindle on Amazon. The aim of ebbf is to use a sustainable, paperless way to share its ideas on decision-making.

To see other ebbf publications that explore ways in which Bahá’í principles can be applied in workplaces, see http://ebbf.org/mindful-people/publications.