United States: World Federation Course Refocuses Ruhi Energies and Conversations with Seekers

Dolly Britzman, a Bahá’í from Cottage Grove, Minnesota, who is taking her third Wilmette Institute course—World Federation: Vision to Reality—shared the following in the course’s forum:

Presently I am facilitating a Book 8, and it is taking a great deal of time, which means that the group is growing closer and closer (we break bread together each week). It also means that, as we approach the reality of the Covenant, each one is learning to be his/her own instructor and researcher. I am thrilled with this effect because it is the first time I have seen it in the Ruhi books I have facilitated. The reason for this new growth in all of us seems to be that we are growing in love for the Center of the Covenant through friendship with each other. We are practicing through knowledge, love, service, and belief grounded in knowledge, love, and service. It is a circle of input and output of our energies.

Now with the addition of this study of the Bahá’í writings on world federation, I again am experiencing the spiritual connections between knowledge, love, and service in active participation because I envision being able to serve the seekers I have run across with a real vision of the Kingdom of God on earth while at the same time developing my own spirit through knowledge, love and service. All of this reminds me of the Guardian speaking of the power of the individual to cause the progress of the Faith. I am reminded every day of my own weakness and powerlessness, and I have come to believe that if I am serious in my service (which is a daily journey) that my part, even if miniscule, will not be passive. I just finished the readings for this first unit, and I am walking around with a smile on my face. I’ve read these readings before, not in the order in which they are presented here, and not with the same understanding so I am exhilarated.