Updated Resource: Wilmette Institute Newsletters, 1996–Present

You are used to receiving copies of the Wilmette Institute eNewsletter each month in your in-box, delivered by Constant Contact. But did you know that the Institute has been producing paper copies of newsletters and then eNewsletters for seventeen years? Recently the staff updated the Wilmette Institute website with links to newsletters from the present back to summer 1996. Click on http://wi.bahai.us/newsletters.

The Institute has produced some 140 issues since its founding in 1995. For a number of years the goal was to publish a paper copy of the newsletter quarterly, though in some years only two issues appeared. In the Fall of 2002 the Institute moved from paper publication to e-mail. The publication was called The Lamp until the summer of 2008. With a switch to distribution by Constant Contact, the publication took the simpler and more functional title, eNewsletter, and began to appear monthly. Two constants in the newsletter have been editors and writers Betty J. Fisher and Rob Stockman.

Browsing through the issues on the Wilmette Institute website gives one a vivid sense of how the Institute has grown and developed over the years. The writers often crafted their articles with a sense of history and posterity in mind. No doubt future historians of the development of Bahá’í education and Bahá’í scholarship will find many gems in its pages.