Using Charters of the Faith to Support Core Activities

Brian Wessel, a pioneer to Yap, Micronesia, took Charters of the Faith: Tablet of Carmel, Tablets of the Divine Plan, and the Will and Testament of `Abdu’l-Bahá and has been using the materials in teaching the Faith and in his service as a Ruhi tutor.

Brian WesselI was able to present parts of this course [Charters of the Faith] to a study-circle participant (during Ruhi Book 4). I was also able to integrate learnings from this course during my tutoring of Ruhi Book 8, part 1, . . . In “establishing ties of friendship” I find myself sharing aspects of the Covenant with more conviction because of this course. . . . I feel more confidence and conviction of how important the Covenant is to me in my life as a Baha’i and feel a much higher sense of profoundness when conversing about Anna’s Presentation from Ruhi Book 6.

[As a result of the course,] my public speaking and speaking as a tutor about the Covenant have improved. I feel like I could take the Tablet of Carmel’s pictures presented in this course, and with some degree of certainty, relate many features of the Tablet and its background, during that ever-so-important conversation with another soul.

The Covenant and the Divine Charters have taken on new meaning for me. It is something that now stands out for me as a Baha’i, really, and will slowly be learned more and referred to as life goes on in action and learning out here in Yap or wherever.

I value this Faith, and this Covenant . . . to a much higher degree, as the learning in this course helped, in my mind and heart, establish this Faith as standing out even more profoundly in contrast with the world at large and its disintegrating institutions. I believe, even more so, that the Faith will withstand the tests of time but know now more than before why—as the Covenant is that pivot which holds together the unity of all.

Finally, in order to keep this learning alive, I can refer to the learnings daily before teaching others (having conversations with others in order to establish ties of friendship and build capacity). I’ve got all the pictures and units on my laptop, which I can try to bring with me to school in the morning, and perhaps before classes begin, and before all of my socializing during the day, I can refer to some aspect, refreshing my memory, in order to share. I can share aspects of the Covenant all throughout tutoring study circles, no matter the [Ruhi] course.

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