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Illustration featuring diverse figures engaged in learning and community building, with the quote "The best beloved of all things in My sight is Justice...." -Baha'u'llah
Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 May, 2020

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  1. Links to upcoming WI Live webinars
    a) “Addressing the Present, Building the Future”
    presented in collaboration with ebbf 
    b)  “Climate Change Conversations”
    with Christine Muller
    c)  Conversations with Rainn Wilson
    hosted by Chitra Golestani
  2. Video recordings of previous WI Live webinars
    (Or browse Playlist of all WI Live events in chronological order, newest first)
    Includes downloadable Slide Shows and Handouts
  3. Transformative Leadership for Junior Youth and Youth
  4. Information and links for miscellaneous online resources and events
    such as Bahai.Chat, Bahá’í House of Worship (Wilmette) Devotions, and more

1. Upcoming WI Live Webinars

a) “Addressing the Present, Building the Future” (Saturdays at 1 pm EAS / 10 am PAC / 12 noon CEN)

Note: This series is presented in collaboration with ebbf (ethical business building the future).

From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Moral Excellence (Saturday, May 9)
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Speakers: Nabil Elias and Jean Parker    Host: Gary Reusche    Co-Host: Vahid Masrour

Many corporations have adopted corporate social responsibility (CSR) to reconcile the profit motive with “doing good”. They saw CSR as an application of enlightened self-interest. However, many CSR applications tend to be stand-alone programs tangential to core business activities that themselves may not be socially responsible. We will explore an alternative based on elevating organizations to higher moral ground such that all their core activities are motivated by spiritual values. We will contrast assumptions underlying the current business model with those drawn from the Bahá’í Revelation and invite discussion of what each of us can do to support this emerging new paradigm in business.


Rethinking Materialism from a Feminine Leadership Perspective (Saturday, May 23)
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Speaker: Roya Akhavan      Host: Sara DeHoff        Co-Host: Vahid Masrour

As the world goes through an unprecedented new phase of economic upheaval, a deeper analysis of materialism as the root cause of the extremes of wealth and poverty has taken on new urgency. Such an analysis involves two fundamental questions. First, what is the difference between “materialism,” which is hazardous, and “material prosperity,” which is a worthy individual and social goal? And, second, what is the most effective mode of leadership for moving society beyond materialism and facilitating the achievement of true material prosperity? It may be argued that the best mode of leadership in pursuit of shared material prosperity would be one that reflects compassion, caring, nurturing, communal behavior, and effective communication, all of which have traditionally been associated with the feminine aspects of the human society. The participants are invited to reimagine new leadership models in the context of the emerging consciousness of the need to balance the feminine and the masculine in all areas of human endeavor, including the creation of more equitable economic system.

Check back for future topics next week

b) Climate Change Conversations (with Christine Muller)
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Tuesday, May 5 at 5:30 pm PAC / 7:30 pm CEN  /  8:30 pm EAS
Why Climate Change Matters—the Impacts of Climate Change

Tuesday, May 12 at 5:30 pm PAC / 7:30 pm CEN  /  8:30 pm EAS
Why is the Earth Warming and What Can We Do about it?—The Causes and “Solutions” of Climate Change

c) Conversations with Rainn Wilson on the Bahá’í Faith 
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First Wednesdays, May through August (5/6/20, 6/3/20, 7/1/20, 8/5/20)
8:30 pm EAS (5:30 pm PAC, 6:30 pm MTN, 7:30 pm CEN)

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2. Video recordings of previous WI Live webinars

“Addressing the Present, Building the Future” (Saturdays at 1 pm EAS / 10 am PAC / 12 noon CEN)

Collaboration through Consultation: A Powerful Tool for Building Community (Friday, April 24)
Speaker: Sara DeHoff  |  Host: Daniel Truran  |  Co-Host: Vahid Masrour

Watch on:    YouTube

In Pursuit of Hope in a Time of Crisis (Saturday, April 25)
Speaker: Arthur Dahl  |  Host: Daniel Truran  |  Co-Host: Vahid Masrour

Watch on:   YouTube   |   Facebook

Climate Change, Coronavirus, and One World; The Choice is Clear
Speaker: Gary Reusche   Host: Daniel Truran   Co-Host: Vahid Masrour

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Global Challenges and Opportunities: A Dialogue Webinar Series (Tuesdays)

          Bahá’í Conversations on Climate Change (Tuesday, March 31)
          Presenter: Christine Muller
          Watch on:  YouTube  or  Listen on:  SoundCloud
           View/Download PDF of Slide Show

Note: Other talks in this series will be scheduled for after May 5, including:

What do Scientists Say Needs to be Done to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe?    |   The Spiritual Challenge of Climate Change
The Interconnectedness of Climate Change with other Environmental and Social Problems

Creating An Effective System of Global Governance: Indispensable Mindsets, Habits, and Institutions
Presenter: Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing
“The Coronavirus Pandemic: Stepping Stone, or Stumbling Block?” (Tuesday, April 7)
Watch on:  YouTube    |    Facebook

“A Principled Approach to Solving Global Challenges” (Tuesday, April 14)
Watch on:
 YouTube       Facebook

“Collective Threats Require a New System of Global Governance” (Tuesday, April 21)
Watch on:  YouTube   |   Facebook

In preparation for this interactive series, you may wish to read one or more of the recent articles on Mrs Ma’ani Ewing’s website at http://collectivesecurity.blogspot.com.

Conversations with Rainn Wilson (Wednesdays)

Watch Conversation #1 on:   YouTube   |   Facebook
Watch Conversation #2 on:   YouTube   |   Facebook
Watch Conversation #3 on:   YouTube   |   Facebook

“Intergenerational Climate Collaborative Project”

Sunday, April 26
Watch on:   YouTube  |   Facebook

This is just the beginning of an intergenerational, interfaith climate conversation. Panelists: Matteen Kashef and Savannah Roemhild, students of sustainability and members of the Bahá’í Association at the University of Florida, and Farhang Darabi, an environmental engineer and founder of Darabi and Associates. Inspired by the Wilmette Institute’s Climate Change course, Farhang has been facilitating climate conversations in Gainesville, Florida.

Community Tech Webinars (17, 21, and 23 March, 2020)

Webinar # 1 introduced a number of free video conferencing tools, including Zoom and Jitsi. It featured an overview of what each tool can do, how to get started, how it works, and how it can be used to help your community function.

Watch on YouTube: Community Tech to Cope with Social Distancing
Community Tech 1 Slide Show   |   Community Tech 1 handout


Webinar # 2 focused on other issues communities face when they go online, such as scheduling meetings, and taking notes/minutes and working on documents together.

Watch on:   Facebook    |   YouTube
Community Tech 2 Slide Show   |  Community Tech 2 handout


Webinar # 3 focused on two things: using chat systems (that facilitate quick text conversations with friends), and holding public meetings that are streamed over the internet (Facebook + YouTube).

Watch on:   Facebook    |   YouTube
Community Tech 3 Slide Show   |  Community Tech 3 handout
Bonus: Slides about Live Streaming

3. Transformative Leadership for Junior Youth and Youth

This pilot program is wrapping up a very successful run. We have now set the date for a second program. Youth along with their parents can sign up now for Transformative Leadership for Youth #2. Registration is open for 11 to 17 year olds, and is free. Please read the seminar requirements carefully before registering. Sessions will not be held every weekday as it was for the first program. For this reason it is really important that the students attend most or all of them.
Register here for the program. Spaces are limited.

4. Information and links for miscellaneous online resources and events

a) From the Bahá’í House of Worship

Daily Devotional Program Now Available Online Through Bahá’í House of Worship Website

When: DAILY at 12:30 pm Central Time (1:30 p.m. Eastern, 10:30 a.m. Pacific)
Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/894428842
House of Worship Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BahaiUS/

b) Baha’i Chat

When: Saturdays at 2:15 pm Eastern.
Zoom video conference presentations with various guests including Rainn Wilson, Homa Tavangar, Ruha Bejamin, William “Smitty” Smith, Layli Miller-Muro

Baha'i Chat web page graphic says "Weekly chats of Hope, Unity, and the Connecting of Hearts."

c) From Chelsea Lee Smith, Wilmette Institute Parenting Coordinator

Section of Coronavirus Activity Booklet cover“I just thought I’d share this tool to help talk to your kids about COVID-19 if it’s affecting your lives at the moment. I created a 20-page story/activity book last week and invited the feedback of 20+ mothers via an online Facebook group — which was an amazing and humbling experience. It definitely forced me to consider my communication skills, and rethink some of my communication strategies online in the future. But overall it was a positive experience and I hope this resource will help parents, caregivers, and teachers to discuss the worldwide situation with children, and give us some ideas to all work together.

The first part of the booklet shares some “do” and “don’t” type information regarding hygiene and distancing; the second part addresses feelings and getting sick; and the third part talks about what we can do to contribute to make the situation a bit easier.”

You can read more on Chelsea’s “Moments a Day” website: http://www.momentsaday.com/covid19/
and download the free resource here: Coronavirus Activity Book (letter size)

Feel free to share the link with friends, families, and communities who may find it useful.