Wife Uses Springboard Course to Give Her New Husband a Snapshot of the Baha’i Community

Caroline Van Patten of Rockford, Illinois, took Springboard for the Five Year Plan with her husband Keith, who is currently studying the Baha’i Faith but is not a member.

Caroline VanPattenMy second goal for this class was to study the documents of the Plan together with my new husband, Keith Van Patten (also taking this course). Keith is not a Baha’i but has been studying the Faith for the last year and is very deepened in it. He has from the beginning understood the Divine Plan. . . . I thought taking this class would allow him to also get a snapshot of the Baha’i communities and how they are working through things–like a “live laboratory” of sorts! This goal also was successful as the course led to continued discussions regarding the history of the Plan, what’s happened during the past ten years, and where I am personally (as his wife) with the Plan, since we are planning our future in service together. And it allowed Keith to read all the guidance. . . . previously we read the December 28, 2010, letter together, are in a Ruhi Book 1 together, and attend many Baha’i events together, but it’s great for Keith to be “caught up” on the previous guidance.”

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