Wilmette Institute Courses Move to a Dedicated Hosting Service

On November 25–26, the Wilmette Institute’s Moodle discussion boards suddenly became unavailable while the entire system was copied, moved to an offsite hosting service called Classroom Revolution, and set up in an upgraded Moodle 2.3.

The upgrade in service had been planned for and anticipated for some time. The Bahá’í National Center’s very capable information-technology staff encouraged the Institute to move its courses off of the servers in Wilmette because a professional hosting service dedicated to handling Moodle problems can provide more reliable service and can troubleshoot problems very quickly.

The Wilmette Institute staff anticipates that, with its new Classroom Revolution, there will be less down time. Also, the Institute will be able to upgrade its Moodle course-management system regularly as new versions become available. The result should be better service and a more powerful educational medium for pursuing the Institute’s mission.