Wilmette Institute Launches New Public Website

A new public website for the Wilmette Institute made its debut on February 1. Located at http://wilmetteinstitute.org, it uses a new, updated version of WordPress and a new template of colors and layouts. The pages are accessible through new tabs on the navigation bar—“Web Talks” and “Learners in Action.” “Learners in Action,” which is still under construction, includes sections titled “Learners in Public Discourse,” “Learner Projects (Art, Essay, PowerPoint),” and “Learners Involved in Local Efforts.” Over the past eighteen years, the Wilmette Institute has published dozens of articles about the accomplishments of its learners. Links to them will soon be added to these new pages, providing an impressive and accessible archive of the Institute’s impact on the Bahá’í community.

The new public website is also brighter, with images related to upcoming courses, the Wilmette Institute’s twentieth-anniversary logo, a “tag cloud” created from the “six-word essays” describing the Wilmette Institute experience, and boxes containing a range of important information and links (“Recent News Articles,” “Useful Web Links,” and “Wilmette Institute Social Media Links”). Information about courses can be found in four different places on the main page, making it easier for you to find courses that appeal to you.

To highlight the Wilmette Institute’s learners’ clever and expressive “six-word essays,” we are making them available in the lower right corner of the main page. We are adding new “essays” as they arrive. In fact, there is something new on the public website every few days. Please add the Wilmette Institute’s new url to your list of Favorites. And please go look at the new Web page!

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