Wilmette Institute Launching Web Page for Student and Faculty Projects and “Publications”

The Wilmette Institute is creating a space on its public website where student projects and faculty publications can be made available to the public. It will develop gradually into a multifaceted online publication site, highlighting the accomplishments of the Wilmette Institute’s learners, representing the scholarship of the faculty, and enriching our understanding of the Bahá’í writings, teachings, and community.

The online publication site has great potential for strengthening the Institute’s courses, increasing student learning, encouraging young scholars to begin to publish, supporting Bahá’í scholarship, and diffusing the Institute’s successes to the world. At the beginning of each course, the faculty will encourage learners to include in their goals for the course projects that can enhance their learning and be considered for posting on the Institute’s public website. Some examples of such projects include powerpoint presentations, short essays, research papers, reports about how they have applied their learning locally (especially through the core activities), and artistic expressions (music, poetry, paintings, and so on).

The faculty will assist the learners they are mentoring by suggesting projects, sources of information, and approaches to take. There will be no requirement that a student must pursue a project, but obviously an appropriate one can do much to enhance a learner’s understanding of the course’s content.

Faculty will review the projects and recommend a selection to the Institute, which will upload them.

The Wilmette Institute hopes that, over time, various specialized Web pages can be created: ones for artistic projects, biographies, historical accounts, powerpoint presentations, commentaries, application of learning locally, and so on. To start, the Institute needs material from previous learners. If you completed a project in a previous course, please consider submitting it to the Institute at wi@usbnc.org. If you are now taking a course, consider discussing with your faculty mentor a project you wish to undertake.

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