Wilmette Institute Learning Outcomes

The Wilmette Institute designs its courses to meet these learning outcomes. Every course does not focus on all these outcomes:


    • Demonstrate knowledge and interdisciplinary insights gained from the courses and service-learning.


    • Independently investigate reality to discern fact from conjecture.
    • Analyze complex and interrelated family, community, and global problems through critical systems thinking.
    • Explore the intricate connections between spiritual and material solutions to social issues through research, praxis, and use of the arts.
    • Engage in public discourse, consultation, service-learning, and consciousness-raising in interdisciplinary, interfaith, and intercultural contexts. 


    • Apply knowledge, spiritual principles, insights and skills to: 
      • one’s individual reality, 
      • marriage, parenting, and family-building,
      • community-building efforts, 
      • participatory social action, and 
      • social discourse, with the goal of both spiritual and material progress.