Wilmette Institute Offering More Courses for Possible College or University Credit

The Wilmette Institute is now offering more courses for possible college or university credit. One or two courses will be available at the beginning of each of the Institute’s four terms, which start in September, January, April, and Mid-June. The courses are also available to anyone who wishes to take the courses without pursuing credit.

The increase in the number of course available for possible college or university credit comes on the heels of the successful Articulation Agreement that the Wilmette institute signed in 2017 with the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in New Brighton, Minnesota. In that agreement UTS students can take up to eighteen credits (six courses) from the Institute for credit. The Institute is now seeking additional agreements with other institutions of higher education.

The two courses available in the Fall Term include:

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If you wish to receive credit for a Wilmette Institute course from a college or university, ask your institution (through a faculty advisor, department head, or registrar’s office) to consider letting you receive credit for Wilmette courses through them. Tell them about the Wilmette Institute’s Articulation Agreement with United Theological Seminary. Then ask the Wilmette Institute (robertstockman@usbnc.org) to send proof and additional information to your college or university.

If your institution grants permission, the Wilmette Institute will make sure your course work meets the minimum requirements of your educational institution. This means you will be doing more reading than in a regular Wilmette Institute course, making special weekly posts, and undertaking a project or paper that will be assessed and graded by your Wilmette Institute faculty. If you meet the requirement for college- or university-level work, the Wilmette Institute will send a transcript to your college or university, which will then give you credit for the course.

Courses being considered for the 2019 Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Terms include the following:

  • Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue
  • Climate Change
  • Bahá’í Administration, the Community, and the Individual
  • Introduction to Islam
  • Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind
  • Bahá’í Theology
  • The Bahá’í Faith: A Comprehensive Introduction

Anyone interested, now or in the future, in obtaining college or university credit for Wilmette Institute courses, should watch for future announcements about the topic.



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