Wilmette Institute Statistics, 2012: Cataloging Growth

Statistics show that in 2012 the Wilmette Institute continued to grow, flourish, and set new milestones.

In that year the Wilmette Institute offered 26 courses, two of them new ones: ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in America and The Bahá’í Faith in the Arts.

The number of participants in 2012 courses—faculty and learners—was 970. Of that number, a small, dedicated core took three or four courses during the year.

The number of conversations (student and faculty postings) in the forums of the courses totaled 12,916. Top honors for courses with the largest number of discussions went to Exploring the Qur’an with 978 posts and the The Writings of the Báb with 926.

Participants during 2012 came from 40 countries. Since 2002 the Institute has had learners from 96 countries.

The Wilmette Institute’s Facebook page continues to grow, with 915 likes as of the end of January 2013. Thanks to Facebook ads early in 2012, the Institute was able to attract many followers from outside the United States, which has helped to diversify its student body.

The Institute’s Twitter feed has 708 followers.

The year 2013 promises even more growth. The Wilmette Institute will offer 33 courses this year, 9 more than in 2012, including 9 new courses. The Institute is considering some new approaches to courses and new projects to augment its educational services. Stay tuned!