Wilmette Institute YouTube: What Is It All About?

In its recent publicity, the Wilmette Institute has been including YouTube links to Web Talks and webinars and has been inviting you to subscribe to its YouTube channel. We think it is time to explain what this new development is all about. To consolidate our increasing number of Web Talks, webinars, and informational videos about the Institute itself and its courses and to streamline your access to them, the Wilmette Institute has signed up with YouTube, which gives us a “channel” or video website.

What Will You Find on the Wilmette Institute’s YouTube Site? At the present time, you will find four types of videos: (1) Web Talks presented as part of the Wilmette Institute’s Twentieth Anniversary celebrations; because of their popularity, more Web talks will be offered in 2016; (2) Webinar recordings of talks given as part of specific courses; (3) Audiovisual materials (such as the PowerPoint that Niki Daniels created for the Badí‘ calendar course; and (4) Publicity Videos, which are usually narrated PowerPoints, about upcoming courses or about the Wilmette Institute itself.

Why Is the Wilmette Institute’s Own YouTube Site Useful? The YouTube site allows the Wilmette Institute to put all its Web Talks and webinars in one place. That makes it easy for you, the user, to go to one place for accessing such video programs.

How Can You Sign Up for the Wilmette Institute YouTube Site? It is easy to sign up. Go to https://www.youtube.com/user/WilmetteInstitute. On the right side of the screen, under the photograph, click on the red “Subscribe” button. Enter your e-mail. Then enter a password. That is all it takes.

How Many Subscribers Does the Wilmette Institute Have? When we wrote this article, the Wilmette Institute had 451 subscribers. The YouTube site had had some 15,000 viewings of Wilmette Institute videos and PowerPoints.

What Is the Advantage of Becoming a Subscriber? By subscribing to the Wilmette Institute YouTube site, you will automatically receive notices when new videos are uploaded, giving you a first chance to check them out.

What Will You Not Find on the Wilmette YouTube Site? You will not find learners’ projects (PowerPoints, articles, artwork, and the like). For those you will need to click on http://wilmetteinstitute.org, then on the “Learners in Action” tab, and then on one of the three categories.

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