Wow! Just Wow! How a 24/7 Course “Thinking of Relationships and Marriage?” Helped a Couple on the Verge of Retirement Conduct a State of Their Union

Thinking of Relationships and Marriage? 24/7/365

Several years ago the Wilmette Institute launched three 24/7/365 courses aimed at young people contemplating marriage or moving toward the big date. Why? Because those thinking about a relationship and marriage need advice now, not when the courses comes around on a one- or two-year cycle.

But that was not the case with a learner who asked not to be named. Here is how she described experiencing the course Thinking of Relationships and Marriage?:

I decided to take this course mostly because my husband and I are entering a new phase of marriage (approaching retirement after twenty-five years of marriage), and I wanted to be intentional/more intentional about our goals and aspirations and the processes we use. I completed the activities and reflections. Got heaps out of this. Wow. Just wow. Anyway . . . thank you.

The Wilmette has thus found an entirely new audience: for the 24/7 course: It is a state-of-the-union course for couples entering new phases of life, including the last child leaving home, retirement for one or both spouses, an elderly relative moving in, and other changes.

button with cartoon couple and big red heartBut Thinking of Relationships and Marriage? 24/7/365 is still available primarily for single individuals not yet in a relationship or in the early stages of a relationship, though individuals or couples in a relationship are welcome. Other participants can include supportive family members, friends, or people serving their communities about this topic.

Because building a relationship and establishing a close connection with someone can be a natural part of your life journey, Thinking of Relationships and Marriage? can help those contemplating marriage explore and learn new perspectives and ways of preparing for positive experiences. The course will help individuals navigate a coherent process of building a friendship, assessing character, understanding male-female relationships, and being of service together, enabling them to make significant decisions about courtship and the broader horizon of marriage. 

Two additional courses that are also helpful to those on a path to marriage include:

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